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manga lesbian rape

Posted in Unspecified
Bondage galleries free Nipple torture

Little female domination male slave story: What he saw there awed him. Till it wakes? He made himself smile. Everything will be fine. The physical readings are right on and it should wake by day's end. You'll be sure you're getting the original. Now, then? The words came in an expectant whisper. Then he thought of what waited for him on the other side and knew he could do it. He would focus beyond the act, and he would be fine. Half way down the stairs, the upper door slid shut behind them and the lights dimmed. ..

Kym Wilde is dominated by Lena Ramon, who gives her a hard punishment.(like she needs!)

Nipple torture

Genuine submission

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08:25 - 2009-Dec-2

lesbian gangbang rape

Posted in Unspecified
Lesbian bondage Asian bondage

He didn't stay their long, but took his fingers out of my crack and expertly slipped them under the elastic leg band of my panties. I knew no one could see his movements behind me, yet hopped. He had been about to slide his fingers into the crack when I tightened my still muscular cheeks. He surprised me with a painful pinch on my full ass, and I jumped. And since I was almost done, let me finish. ..

Penny is a very cute natural looking girl who loves pain, forced orgasms, anal sex, bondage and roleplay. In this scene, she goes to her supervisors office to ask for a raise. Shy Love is her beautiful and sadistic boss who wont give her a raise without sexually humiliating Penny. Featuring spanking, forced ass licking, foot fucking, anal strap-on and more.

Asian bondage

Sexy S&M strap-on action

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04:54 - 2009-Dec-2

Hot MILF with HUGE nipples, gets bound and forced to cum.

Posted in Unspecified
Little girl bondage Bondage pics

Little female domination male slave story: I then placed her foot back on the box. Then the jeans could be taken off completely. I pulled Beth's tank top up to expose her large breasts. Her nipples are dark brown, and are easily the size of champagne corks when they are erect, with areoles two inches in diameter. I loved those boobs; they were just the right size for breast bondage. Spring-clamp clothespins were especially nasty when applied to the nipples. ..

We present the bloopers, outtakes, behind the scenes, and lost footage from the critically acclaimed movie CABO: DAY OF THE DEAD Each night we got together and created a video diary of what it is really like on a location bondage set. Never before seen footage of Christina Carter, Dana DeArmond trying to act, and much more. Want to know what really happens on a bondage set? Then check out this bonus update, it's that fun.

Bondage pics

Submissive/beautiful women/slaves get hot in tight bondage


03:46 - 2009-Dec-2

Sinnamon was to be one of Harry the Goblin's bottoms.

Posted in Unspecified
Self bondage stories Nude bondage

Little female domination male slave story: The feeling in her asshole had now fully returned and she squeezed her rectal muscles as hard as she could to try to push out the huge invader. Unknown to her was the fact that circling the coronal ridge of that massive ass stuffer was an inflatable cuff. She was now almost crazy from the pain. She twisted and squirmed, chest heaving, screaming from the agony, desperate to free herself from the heavy stainless steel table and the enormous rubber cock. ..

Beautiful Bella is back. She takes Eds 'Train' fuckingmachine like a champ, as we'll as Mahendran's punishment block. Speaking of Mahendran, I am pleased to announce that this loyal Indian member is soon to be married. It remains to be seen whether Mehandren's future wife shares his interest in Punishment Blocks - I will do my best to keep you informed!

Nude bondage

Her shaved pussy and her nipples will betray her true desire

Vulgar, shocking, but mostly hot XXX action!

08:23 - 2009-Nov-30

34DD hottie locked in iron shackles and breast whipped

Posted in Unspecified
Lesbian domination Bondage fetish

Some female domination male slave story: She then kissed him with her tongue on the mouth. In the mean time Cindy had also been undressing David. Then an unusual thought hit David. She should be taught a lesson. He said to her, You really should have offered to help with the dishes. She replied, I'm sorry David. You know I loved your dinner and I really love you. I happen to love you too. Perhaps the best way to show you my love is teach you that lesson. ..

34DD can only whimper through a spider gag as clamps are attached to her pussy and toes, holding her cunt wide open and vulnerable. Hot wax sprays all over her body from a spinning candle above. A vibrator hanging down brings her a screaming orgasm that leaves her heaving while the wax keeps pouring down. Last, Stacey is strapped to a pole, arms above. Her breasts are suctioned into the largest cylinders cyd can find. Painful clothespins are attached to her most sensitive flesh including her tongue. Stacey knows it's going to hurt when cyd rips the zipper off her in a violent pull. In the end she claims that her reaction to the torment was to get angry, which acted as a release to relieve the pain. A healing art indeed.

Bondage fetish

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

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02:43 - 2009-Nov-30

lesbian rape movies

Posted in Unspecified
Torture sex Self bondage stories

Sample of female domination male slave story: We arrive at the party and before we leave the car you turn and look at me as your fingers brush my cheek. Never speak unless spoken too always stay a little behind you, all the unspoken commands, I know them all. Smiling and chatting with friends. Then I feel it, your eyes are on me and I know it. The tightness I feel in my chest is unmistakable,and I can hardly breath. Someone calling my name made me break eye contact with you. ..

Natalie Minx returns to WhippedAss for more lesbian BDSM and sex. Maitresse Madeline punishes and fucks this busty slave girl in bondage. Lots of hot action with two sexy girls in this great update. Includes bondage, flogging, strap on sex, clamps, foot worship, ass licking, humiliation, ass fingering, hot wax, bastinado, spanking and orgasms.

Self bondage stories

Lesbian Femdom at it"s finest. Innocent and helpless girls submit to beautiful and powerful dominatrices.

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09:27 - 2009-Nov-24

Sexy cute Pinky Lee begs to be bound.

Posted in Unspecified
Bondage fetish Torture techniques

A bit of female domination male slave story: She tried to keep the tears from running down her cheeks, but she couldn't stop the flow. The Iranian laughed at her. I wouldn't want my friends to miss out on fucking someone as unique as you. He laughed crudely. The Sergeant marched to the centre of the room and Arlene felt the same fear the Iranian soldier felt. What are you doing down here? the Sergeant demanded. He did not even glance at Arlene although he was aware that she was there. ..

Christina Carter is back for the New Year with another Hogtied REAL TIME shoot. No cuts, no edits, just one long continuous take. No breaks, over an hour of real time intense BDSM action. You see all the tying and untying. You hear everything that goes on between Rigger and model; nothing is left out, you see it as it happened. It takes a special woman to get though one of these high intensity shoots, and Christina Carter is the real deal. I do believe her new favorite words are "Picture time".

Torture techniques

The best bondage on the net, where women cannot escape


09:14 - 2009-Nov-24

lesbian rape sister

Posted in Unspecified
Bondage fiction Tickle torture

Sample of female domination male slave story: She also had olive-tinged skin, so she had a sort of permanent tan look. We would take turns telling each other really mean and nasty fantasies starring her. She would always put down Tim and make fun of him in front of her friends. And girls mostly ignored him. Since I was his only friend, I got treated pretty much the same way by her crowd. That was before girls really mattered. The summer after our Junior year was especially bad. ..

Princess Kali returns with first timer and very obedient submissive Crystal Frost. Kali's sadistic dialogue makes Crystal shamefully wet and willing to serve her every command.

Tickle torture

Sexy whipping/whipping action

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11:26 - 2009-Nov-23

Seven is bound tightly in a humiliating crab position.

Posted in Unspecified
Tit torture Mummification bondage

Little female domination male slave story: They discussed several subjects such as material they had learned in their college classes, gossip, and politics. She then kissed him with her tongue on the mouth. In the mean time Cindy had also been undressing David. Then an unusual thought hit David. She should be taught a lesson. He said to her, You really should have offered to help with the dishes. She replied, I'm sorry David. You know I loved your dinner and I really love you. ..

In the first part of this live show, Andy San Dimas finds herself tightly bound into a ball, gagged and forced to kneel on the cold concrete floor of the basement. Helpless, and laying in a puddle of her own drool, the bondage novice wonders just what the hell she as gotten herself into. Unable to do anything but wait, or even turn her head to see, she hears Devaun's screams behind her as the other model is tied down to a wooden box and tormented with severe nipple clamps among other things. A short time passes, and then Devaun is pulled up by her hair and her head is shoved into Devaun's cunt and she is ordered to eat her out to the tune of more screaming and howling. Her task complete, she is forced onto her knees and strapped to a wooden column by her neck, and made to suffer while magnetic weights are added to a single painful clamp on her right nipple that refuses to slip off, pushing her to the limit of her endurance.

Mummification bondage

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

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04:38 - 2009-Nov-20

lesbian rape storieds

Posted in Unspecified
Lesbian bdsm Tickle torture

Some female domination male slave story: When you do release me my lips feel like they are on fire. You pick up my bag and hand it to me as we go out the door to your car. Finally on our way, we talk and tell each other how our day has been. We arrive at the party and before we leave the car you turn and look at me as your fingers brush my cheek. Never speak unless spoken too always stay a little behind you, all the unspoken commands, I know them all. ..

Carly is a very obedient submissive that will take anything for Miss Audrey. Whipping, spanking, hotwax, footworship and Anal Strap-on sex makes this update very erotic.

Tickle torture

Real woman on woman power play


10:40 - 2009-Nov-16

Rhonda gets tickled the crap out of her.

Posted in Unspecified
Free bdsm Free spanking videos

We stay like that for a while, again, I have no idea how long. As I curl up in your arms, in a swoon, I am already more than half way into planning my revenge. You have prepared a feast fit for kings and the romantic candle-lit dinner has left us both in the mood for a little after dinner fun. You give me your coy, little-girl smile. You follow me meekly into the bedroom. I have arranged our room with soft lights, and arranged the bed so that you can fall right onto it. ..

How do you describe Veronika in one word? How about, primadonna spoiled manipulative princess brat. Okay, that's more like 5 words, but fitting. There is nothing more satisfying than teaching a spoiled princess some fun lessons in control. Lessons she will not soon forget.

Free spanking videos

As the flogger hits its mark, her pussy gets wetter

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09:10 - 2009-Nov-16

lesbian rape video

Posted in Unspecified
Women in self bondage Bondage girls

Some female domination male slave story: Since the Dominant is always in control of the situation, it is their responsibility to see that you are enjoying yourself, not reduced to a whimpering pile of flesh whose mind has run and hidden itself away too far into the depths. If something is becoming too painful, or if you suddenly find you are claustrophobic AFTER you have been locked into a full-face mask, YOU are the one who must tell the Dominant that you are uncomfortable or in real pain that is unacceptable. ..

Life styler Sybil Hawthorne likes to push her limits to see how much pain she can endure. This 27 year old busty brunette is a 24 hour collared submissive and works at a dungeon as a professional switch. Claire Adams puts her in tight bondage and inflicts pain with a variety of toys. Sybil also receives pleasure in the form of strong orgasms, strap on sex and in pleasing Claire.

Bondage girls

Real lesbian BDSM powerplay

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01:27 - 2009-Nov-16

Saturday night bedroom slavery.

Posted in Unspecified
Cock ball torture Bondage movies

Some female domination male slave story: I laid her down on top of the desk, then went to the file cabinet and grabbed the cardboard box full of goodies. I cut four lengths of rope, then approached a corner of the desk. ! she cried softly, as I took her left hand and pulled it to the corner of the desk. Her whole body was writhing and undulating, and her boobs were jiggling back and forth across her chest, as I ran a piece of rope lightly around her wrist and down the corner of the desk, tying it to the black metal leg. ..

Cowgirl is taken to the headlands and given 'fog torture'. She dragged me up a hill on a cart and then was tied for all to see. The freezing fog was a novel form of torture. This is an interim update -a full shoot will be added later this week.

Bondage movies

Sexy slaves/women are bound and brought to orgasm


11:33 - 2009-Nov-12

Talia Monet, famous bondage model with her own fantasies.

Posted in Unspecified
Rubber bondage Bondage stories

Little female domination male slave story: What would she find out over there? I did not know at the time if Pete or Chris knew what had happened to me, it was so crazy I did not know what to think. Tom repeatedly asked me what was wrong but I could not tell him. I know I was acting strangely but could not help myself. Each time Tom would try to approach me I kept thinking about that Friday night. I didn't enjoy Tom that night at all. Ten days later, about 7:00 one night I came down stairs and heard people talking in the living room. ..

Peter has cheated on his girlfriend, Xena. To punish him, she has turned a bondage game into something more sinister. Unfortunately, her ropework is faulty. Peter manages to escape, overpower Xena, and get his own back! This update features the new tilting bondage chair.

Bondage stories

Tight, inescapable bondage, (a slave"s dream)

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10:42 - 2009-Nov-12

explicit lesbian rape

Posted in Unspecified
Sex torture Bdsm drawings

A piece of female domination male slave story: She stopped, looked up into his eyes and clamped her strong fingers around the base of his cock. The Master smiled as she looked to him. She looked directly into his eyes as she worked herself. Finally she leaned forward again and began sucking him again. Then she sat back again and ran two fingers against her clit and into her vagina for his and her Master's enjoyment. She wondered what he would do. ..

Lielani is one of the most beautiful and innocent looking girls we've shot. Harmony dominates in top form and really pushes her to the limit. She is slapped around, smothered, clamped, strapon fucked and hotwaxed in bondage. After enduring punishment, her desire to cum is so great that her orgasms are explosive.

Bdsm drawings

Sexy S&M strap-on action

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05:32 - 2009-Nov-12

lesbian incest rape videos

Posted in Unspecified
Gay male bondage Bondage and discipline

Little female domination male slave story: His hand took her breast, examining it. everywhere. Follow, his single word command. She breathed deeply as she entered the room. He sat in a thickly padded chair. So far, have you benefited from your workshop? Yes, Master. As she said, master she felt herself open. Did you enjoy your last lesson? Yes, Master. She still felt the sting the paddle had administered to her bottom. It had come with only the contact of his knees under her and the sting of the paddle; and of course because he had commanded her to come. ..

Sativa Rose is absolutely adorable and a complete virgin to BDSM. Dragonlily breaks her in with a combination of some pain and kinky sex.

Bondage and discipline

Female slaves get spanked/whipped

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04:46 - 2009-Nov-12

Female submissive sexual fantasies. Beautiful submissive women are dominated in bondage and fucked by strong men. The only website that produces genuine BDSM and hardcore sex together. Updates every week with original high quality videos and photos.

Beautiful women get fucked from the inside by electricity

Beautiful slaves shocked to orgasm

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission


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